6 Girls to Run the Scene in 2017

Kartini Day

In celebration of Kartini Day, here are our picks of femme fatales to take over the scene this year.

1. Apsara

Kartini Day Apsara

From Tokyo to San Fransisco and now to Jakarta, Apsara has always found a way to mesmerize the crowd with her mind-blowing DJ sets that has created a new addiction to deep, dark, but heavenly sounds. She’s played big festivals such as Tomorrowland in 2010 and she’s now a regular at many Indonesian nightclubs.

2. Rizkia Larasati

Kartini Day Rizkia Larasati

A regular feature amongst local up and coming producers, Rizkia Larasati is a singer that takes her soulful voice and takes it to new realms with the help of the producers she works with, such as NAJ, Yosugi, Dexfa, and more. She’s also played some shows alongside fellow multi-instrumentalist known as KLAV.

3. Charita Utamy

Kartini Day Charita Utamy

Charita Utamy is involved in the scene in many ways. She’s part of the Indonesian electronic dance group called Midnight Quickie and is also a singer for the local band The Trees & The Wild. Involved in many genres and many scenes, she’s definitely a force to be reckoned with in the industry.

4. Audrey Salsabila

Kartini Day Audrey

A DJ/Producer that has been making her way in the industry, Audrey Salsabila is part of Depictive Records and has been able to play a couple of shows all around Indonesia. She has been able to gain support from other local DJ/Producers, such as Dipha Barus, Decemberkid, NAJ, and more.

5. Cakecaine

Kartini Day Cakecaine

Nadin Amizah, or commonly known as Cakecaine, has been a familiar name towards the masses of the music scene. She was recently featured on a track by Dipha Barus that got excellent reviews and was also featured on a track with Gamaliel of GAC and Greybox. She started doing lots of cover videos on YouTube and Instagram and that’s gotten her many opportunities.

6. Cindercella

Kartini Day Cindercela

Marcela Febrianne aka Cindercella is known for her various talents. Commonly known for being one of the most popular make-up artist/beauty influencer in Indonesia she is also known for being a part of ICC All-Stars cheerleading and winning lots of competitions. However her talents doesn’t stop there, her talent for singing is also widely known by her fans, from doing mini covers of popular songs on instagram to recording a full cover that you can check out on both her soundcloud or youtube page.

Who run the world?

Kartini Day

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