Bluetooth Versus Wired Headphones: Which One Is For You?Headphones

For some people, a good pair of headphones depends on its build quality. But for some others, a good headphone depends on strictly how they sound. some other people also seeks for the convenience. A simple and practical solution for listening to music will satisfy they daily dose of music.

Thanks to the technology advancement occurring in the past decade, the technology for this has gone to the next level with all the gizmos and features. One of the most common modern headphone technology around is Bluetooth capabilities which open the world to wireless listening. No strings attached, literally.

Bluetooth technology allows us not only to stream your music from your device but also integrates well with call functions on mobile devices. Headphones like V-MODA Crossfade Wireless, Beats Solo 2, and Bowers & Wilkins P7 has all the features that bluetooth headphones can offer.

Wired headphones, on the other hand, offers call function through a wired remote (some of them) and that’s about it. The question is, why are people still buying these wired ones when you can get the convenience of wireless listening?



Yes, Battery. Bluetooth headphones require a battery to work. If you have no juice in your headphones, you basically can’t use them, unless your headphones are both Bluetooth and wired. If you think plugging in a headphone jack to your device is convenient, you might need to always remember charging your Bluetooth headphones.



You can change your cable for both the looks and the actual performance of the devices. Though this is still debatable, but some enthusiasts believes changing the standard cable to a third party audiophile cable will improve the sound overall.



On paper, wired headphones will sound superior to Bluetooth headphone because the converted analog signal from your devices are directly transmitted to the cable and straight to the headphone drivers (your headphone speakers), while Bluetooth headphones streams your audio digitally, then converted it again to analog signal for you to be able to listen to your music. But don’t worry, Bluetooth headphones sound great. but when directly compared to their wired counterpart, you might be able to tell the difference.

Sacrificing convenience for sound or the way around. Which one would you choose?







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