Interrupted Turns One Year Old This Weekend, Throws 2 Massive Parties!

One of your favorite music promotor/DJ collective Interrupted is turning 1 years old this upcoming weekend (12 November 2017 to be exact). With all of their memorable events and achievements, Interrupted is expressing their gratitude towards the scene by throwing out a big 2 days Anniversary Party!







The party itself will be held on the 11- 12 November 2017. What’s cool about this event is the fact they’re staying on their roots as Interrupted is damn well known by their followers for putting out events that showcases music from different genres.

Other than showcasing all the Musos and DJs from Interrupted, the dance floor will also be filled with 3 guest producers that has appeared numerous time on previous events by Interrupted.

For their first day (Nov 11) they have confirmed that the legendary Darkbark and LTX 7 (Gato Latex x Indra7) will be performing in a live set format. This will probably be one of the highlight of that night.

While on the second day (Nov 12), Interrupted will be doing something that they haven’t been doing for quite a while. This day will be the inauguration of Interrupted’s brand new event “Another Sundae” which will revolves around showcasing local hip-hop music. And to top it off, they’ve confirmed that this  will be a monthly event. This event will be held at Lucy In The Sky, SCBD.

Notable acts that will perform are Greybox, Klapr, Medium, Rare, Dopless Dealers, and Dhito. You can expect quality hip-hop selections that will bring out good vibes on that Sunday evening . The event itself will start at 4pm, so make sure you come thru! Trust us, you really don’t want to miss this one!

See you there!



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