Project 23: Bali’s Masked Underground Co··IIective

project 23

For a marketing campaign that comes off dark and ominous, Project 23 might in fact be the brightest light for Indonesia’s silently thriving underground music scene. Featuring 5 Live DJs, 5 PA’s as well as 4 multimedia art installations from some of the most promising contemporary local artists – the collective will be throwing on their first event (aptly named) Chapter One and good lord look at that lineup.

Lineup looking like a wall of fame for Indonesian avant-garde musicians with the big bad wolf of Indonesian Techno –  JONATHAN KUSUMA headlining the festival. The selector and analog wizard is also supported by Double Deer’s boundary pushing duo KIMOKAL as well as internationally recognized local export: multi instrumentalist and inventor Wukir Suryadi of the Experimental Noise group SENYAWA.

project 23

From their social media videos on Facebook and Instagram it becomes clear how close to the chest they are playing it. Coming off authentic with a sincere enthusiasm that even their masks can’t hide – Project 23 are taking their time with this promising DIY passion project and it is a refreshing change from the corporate sponsor fuelled festivals where the mainstream festival juggernaut headline acts are the only selling points.

Project 23 seems to have their priorities in check and have spent time to choose the right venue; to populate that space with the right acts; to serve the right purpose and to reflect and further their ethos.

From one disruptive entity to another, we are intrigued and totally behind the collective’s efforts to raise a black flag against the beach club and luxury hotel culture that their island is usually known for and with the Techno and House scene running hot in 2017, this is the perfect time for the group to launch their event series. The event will take place at All Caps Graffiti Park & Gallery, Jl. Raya Canggu 18A. 

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